1-5 Years

I work with parents, child minders and nursery staff in identifying children whose speech, language or social skills may be delayed. Sometimes all that parents need is reassurance their children are developing age appropriately. Other times they need some advice or a few sessions where I can give more detailed recommendations and demonstrations on how to structure everyday experiences so that there are opportunities not barriers to language development.

In other cases where a child may have speech sound delay or disorder, or language difficulties e.g. with vocabulary or grammar it is important that I provide more direct and intensive speech & language therapy with the child and their parent, and this often takes the form of a block of weekly or fortnightly therapy sessions.

  • Are you concerned that your baby’s play or social skills seemed to be delayed?
  • Is your toddler quiet and not talking yet or much?
  • Have you noticed your baby or toddler play differently to the majority of their peer group?
  • Has your child started to stammer?
  • Does your child find it difficult to get his/ her message across, especially with less familiar people?
  • Is your child’s speech unclear or sometimes difficult to understand?
  • Does your child communicate better at home than in other settings?
  • Have you noticed your child’s talking sounds immature compared to most other children their age?
  • Has your child received a diagnosis of global developmental delay, learning difficulties, Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? Would you like help with supporting your child’s communication skills?
  • Do you need think your child’s communication needs are understood by the nursery and teaching staff who work with your child?
  • Do you think your child might have a certain learning difficulty, speech disorder, or communication disorder would you like a second opinion?
  • Is there a particular Speech & Language Therapy approach or way of working that you feel may be suitable for your child but you are not currently able to access?
  • Does your child have Special Educational Needs (SEN)? Would you like an experienced highly specialist therapist to work alongside your current speech & language therapist to form joint therapy plans, and support your child with approaches that are not readily provided?

Please get in touch and call me. I’m a friendly ear, happy to listen to your concerns and worries. Where applicable my job is to give you reassurance regarding your child’s communication skills, as well as offering advice and support if it needed.

It may take just one phone call to put your mind at ease, to feel supported and positive about your child’s communication skills.