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Charlotte Wood

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 Charlotte’s Philosophy

Your child’s engagement and enjoyment is at the heart of the therapy I offer.  Having a good rapport with children is absolutely essential. I believe that continuity is so important in building trusting relationships with you and your child and it is hugely beneficial.

I believe in holistic  speech & language therapy. As well as my Speech & Language Therapy qualification, I am also a qualified children’s mindfulness and yoga teacher, and a Shinrin Yoku practitioner (also known as Forest Bathing). When children are motivated and captivated their potential for learning is immense. I strive to create fun, engaging therapy activities and programmes that children delight in. The best time to teach a child new knowledge and skills is when they are happy, interested and intrigued.

I have a real love and passion for working with young people of all ages from fearless toddlers through to remarkable teenagers. I get enormous enjoyment and satisfaction in supporting young people unlock their communication potential, whilst also empowering their families and education providers in helping them to achieve this.

Charlotte’s Story

Over the last nearly 15 years I was lucky enough to have worked in spilt posts where I practised in different settings e.g. a couple of days in schools, half a week in a clinic or a couple of days visiting children in their homes. Throughout my whole career though, I have always worked in primary and secondary schools, including resource bases and SEND provisions for children with Special Educational Needs. Many of these children have learning difficulties, and often have diagnoses such as global developmental delay, learning disabilities, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autism,  speech delay, speech disorder, language delay and language disorder. Dyslexia and Dyspraxia are disabilities that are close to my heart and I understand well as I have these specific learning difficulties myself.

Throughout my career I have also worked with much younger children, pre-schoolers and toddlers, who present with similar but also very different needs.

I spent some of my happiest years working as a Speech & Language Therapist in nurseries, play groups and children’s centres. I just loved delivering fun baby, toddler and preschool classes for little ones and their parents incorporating toys, baby signing, songs, movement, and music. I also took pleasure in sharing top tips, helpful advice, reassurance and support to the families that I worked with.

I worked in senior Highly Specialist Therapist roles in the NHS for 7 years, leading in the development, implementation and evaluation of service delivery within Primary and Secondary Schools, providing management and clinical supervision to Speech and Language Therapists, and Assistants. I provided clinical education for Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Speech & Language Therapy students.  I had a passion for promoting a whole-service positive ethos around mental health and emotional wellbeing, and was the Designated Child & Adolescent Mental Health Lead for my team, working in partnership and liaison with local services and co-ordinating external referrals.  I also had a significant role in promoting the welfare of children and families involved in our service, and was a designated Safeguarding Lead and  Safeguarding Supervisor (Level 4 trained). 

I really value the importance of developing lasting relationships with children and their families. I have been fortunate enough to have been employed directly (part time) by the same school for 10 years. I have personally seen the huge benefits to both myself in terms of my professional development and to the children and their families in having continuity of the same therapist

I have passion and considerable experience in working with 3- 16 year olds, and have a particular niche with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), and more recently gifted, talented and interested learners.